Monday, May 15, 2017

The conservatives of California are standing up for themselves, finally.

When there is a disagreement anymore, it's become very trendy to have a "conversation" instead of an argument or an altercation.  The powers that be love this fake political correctness bullshit because they use it like a guilt club to keep people from thinking for themselves and from not simply asking for but in fact demanding what is right at all costs.  The people who go up against the educated establishment don't know what to do or say.  They speak their minds and they call the establishment names, but the establishment thinks it is managing cattle.  Do cowboys pay any attention to the mooing of cattle?  No.  They let the cattle moo, laugh at them and think its humorous, and then continue to herd them as if there was no other option.

In this video (Sorry, it's 17 minutes long.  Unfortunately we have to have the attention span of something more than a flea to make useful observations...) we see how people are very upset with establishment are given 1 minute to speak their peace.  Then they get a buzzer and a very cold "thank you" which sounds more like "OK you can fuck off now". 

Do the establishment members live under these perverse limitations?  Of course not!  They talk until their liberal lungs give out.  But since they make the rules (for now), they can act like they are giving the people a chance to speak while just laughing at the fact that the elite already have an agenda and they already know the truth of everything they are doing.  These common people are not telling the school board anything that they don't already know.  It is the fool indeed who thinks the con man is stupid for encouraging that thought is part and parcel of the con.  It gives the con man an escape - the excuse of stupidity - when he is caught.  It is better for the con man to be called stupid and incompetent than crooked and manipulative!

The guy with the red cross on his shirt starting at 6:10 into the vid is especially interesting to watch.  Not only does he immediately call out the ridiculous constraint of saying anything useful in less than a minute, when his minute is up he makes it clear that he doesn't intend to play by their made up rules and tells them he intends to continue talking until they drag him out of there.  His remarks are met by cheers and catcalls from those other people whose same feelings he is expressing.  The board gives him another 15 seconds of talking and then interrupt him again to which he responds "yeah whatever".  In other words, he is showing them the same disregard for their silly made up rules as they show for the complaints of those who pay their salaries.  He gets in a few more words before an armed cop saunters up behind him and then he decides that discretion is the better part of valor.  After all, everything that the establishment says or does is eventually backed up by deadly force and it is foolish to go into a gun fight empty handed.

What we are seeing here is people giving up on the leadership of the establishment.  This is an angry, angry herd that I can tell you right now that it is not going to be, in the immortal words of Cake, "soothed over like, smoothed over like milk".  No sir.  That's man's retreat was tactical, nothing more.  He has now convinced himself (and any other thinking person who witnessed it) that words are useless against this inbred clutch of "leaders" whose agenda has little overlap with either the will of the people or the good of the people.

It is a huge mistake by foolish elite to think that the rules, which they put in place to protect themselves from receiving the beating they so richly deserve, are going to keep them safe in the coming revolution.  I predict that within 2 years we will begin to see assholes like the ones on that board turning up beaten and or killed by anonymous mobs.  It might sound extreme but what choice have the people been left?  They can complain until blue in the face and nothing will be done.  So they will do what the establishment does when nobody is listening to their order - the herd will turn to violence to be heard.  I don't want it and I'm not for it but I predict it will happen regardless because those are the signs that I am reading right now.

The cops will of course be powerless because they can only respond effectively to head to head force.  They cannot be effective at what will essentially turn out to be guerrilla warfare tactics by the herd which is simply now deciding that the cowboys are herding them to the slaughterhouse instead of to greener pastures.  In fact, the cops are fucking pussies when someone brings the fight to them in an unconventional way.  The cops are like colonial British regulars who expect their enemies to line up in front of them so that they could fight in the style of overwhelming force that they excel at.  All of their training, tactics and gear are set up for this kind of confrontation. 

Thus, when the trouble comes it will not come like that.  It will circumvent the advantages of the inbred establishment and neutralize many of its advantages.  The cops will see this and they will puss out because they are paid mercenaries whereas those they will be fighting will be true believers in freedom.  The police are only brave when they attack in superior force.  We learned that when a certain Christopher Dorner had them peeing themselves at the sight of smoke and shadows back in 2013.  I predict that the next Christopher Dorner will not be a "he" but rather a "they" and it will be made up of ex military who think they are fighting for the soul of the USA.  In other words, true believers.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Sounds like something out of a movie and highly unlikely to happen...

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