Monday, May 29, 2017

A lesson in the madness of crowds and how stupid things happen.

This is just a very good video on how the herd gets whipped up into an artificial state of frenzy by alarmists whose main goal is to distract the herd so that the treasury can be looted. 

The global warming scare is now just about dead.  Once you scare the herd and it finds the scare to be a false alarm, it is not likely to fall for it again for another 100 years.  Liberal fools once again outsourced their thinking to con men who took full advantage of their human nature.  Face it folks, we were lied to and used.  I say we but I don't mean me.  All I had to see to know that it was a scam was Al Gore at the helm. 

The whole global warming movement will go down in the history books as little more than an excellent example of human herding behavior

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