Thursday, May 18, 2017

We're all Brazillians now

Do you remember how many times I predicted that, not just in the US but globally, we would see big names come crashing down as a major sign of the collapse of the global debt Ponzi?  Do you remember how I said it would happen?  Some smaller fish would be at risk of going under the bus and in order to save themselves they would produce unexpected damning evidence on a big fish which would be the end of that big fish?

Well if you want to know what I was talking about, look no further than Brazil's criminal in Chief, Michel Temer who is now having a very bad day indeed.  It seems that a couple of meat packing execs were under the gun and so just as you see in any other collapsing criminal enterprise they played the only card they had to avoid jail and that was to turn state's evidence on a bigger fish.  Somehow these piss-ants caught Temer on tape talking about pay offs, ostensibly for hush money purposes, to an already jailed co-criminal.

Of course the people now have what they need to get rid of the last vestiges of the old guard and sweep their government clean of the current batch of parasites.  But I say to the Brazillian people that no reform is of any use unless and until the people demand and receive a return to honest money.  As long as paper money is allowed to be traded for their labor there can be no trust or honesty in their supposed leaders.  The power of Mammon Money to corrupt the feeble mind of man is undeniable and almost irresistible for most people.  When applied to a large group of people such as that which forms a government the odds approach zero that there will be enough honest people in the right places willing to resist the allure of easy living.  You simply cannot have any justice when the underlying framework of everything is corrupt.

Brazil is marginal to the US and so they are getting hit the first and likely the worst.  But the US will have its problems of the same nature: lower level criminal cronies who know more than they ever let on pull out the little black book for real law enforcement when needed to avoid jail themselves.  You have to know there are a LOT of these get out of jail free cards running around in any criminal enterprise just waiting for the opportune moment to use them.

Big government which is powered by Mammon Money is always nothing more than a criminal enterprise; i.e. organized crime.

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Augustine said...

Brazil is on a roll! Not only was a president impeached for fiscal crimes, so is her successor about to suffer the same fate.

These unprecedented events in Brazil are a turning point. In these comment boxes I stated that if Brazil is truly serious about beginning a new chapter in its history ridding the country of corruption, Temer would follow Dilma out of the door.

The interesting thing is that probably peripheral countries will be caught early in the unraveling of the global Ponzi and get their house together at a lower cost than central countries later.

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