Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Elliott waves vs. Goldman Sachs [ISRG]

Today I read a recent headline attributed to Goldman Sachs indicating that Wall St. darling Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) could go to $1000 per share.   The justification for this from the article was, "With less than 4 percent of US surgeries employing robotics today, we think investors should own this structural winner as the market doubles in the next few years"
"For its part, Intuitive Surgical also increased its 2017 forecast for growth in procedures using its da Vinci surgical robots after reporting higher-than-expected first-quarter revenue and profit."

So right now all that anyone who is anyone is saying is that this is a great time to buy the shares.  As further evidence that news and fundamental analysis are not not reliable as the wave count in determining the future price of stocks, I submit to you that now is not only a very bad time to buy ISRG, it is instead a good time to short the shares.

WHY??  How can I sit here and defy the geniuses at a big name joint like Goldman?  Quite simply, Goldman is going by gut feel and I am going by an Elliott wave model.  ISRG has been on a tear since IPO and now the trailing PE is a bubbly 43.  Does Goldman mention that?  No.  And it wouldn't matter much to me either except for the fact that the chart is hard up against overhead resistance.  This counts as a rising expanding wedge and they are known to break down hard when they go.   It might well have a few more upticks in it but within a couple months this thing is likely to be in free fall.

Again, nobody is predicting anything like this right now except for me.  So when it plays out similar to shown above, ask yourself why you are not using my low cost Elliott wave based market timing service.  Your access is just one click away and you can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked.  Since I use PayPal, you never share credit card info with me.  If you ever decide to unsubscribe you simply do so in your own PayPal account and I get an automatic notice.  This is not one of those services that are difficult to escape once you come on board.  I hate those things even when the underlying product is good.  With PayPal, you are in charge as it should be.

Give my service a try or don't, but keep an eye on ISRG for signs of imminent peak and then massive collapse.  Not because I think so but because the wave count tells me it is the most likely thing to happen despite the cheery words of overpaid analysts at Goldman.

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