Friday, May 19, 2017

Liberal Weiner gets the smackdown

As I have written many times, if you want to target the elite you cannot do so with fines and money sanctions.  Jail is the only thing they fear and Anthony Weiner is now officially afraid as he plead guilty to sexting a minor.  Weiner of course isn't sorry about jack shit except for getting caught.  His tears are for his own liberal self, not for the victim whose life will probably be scarred by this incident for years to come.

And now Weiner might as well change his name to Wanker because he's going to have to live life as a registered sex offender.  Assuming, that is, that he makes it out of jail alive.  Inmates seem to have an interesting internal code of conduct which includes street justice for pedophiles.  Suffice it to say that Weiner won't be getting any "pizza" in jail any time soon.

The signals are going out to the herd right now.  In the past such corruption and lack of morals would have been papered over by the system and Weiner would have been zipped up safe somewhere until the herd lost interest.  But the herd mentality has changed and the herd is now demanding justice.  The herd will not be "soothed over, smoothed over like milk".

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