Saturday, May 6, 2017

The dissassembly of the police state continues.

Despite Trump's big talk of continuing and expanding the liberal war on drugs, that dog won't hunt anymore.  It's just too invasive in the lives of people who simply want to live how they want to live as long as they aren't hurting anyone else.  The government has criminalized many good people by busting every pot smoker they find (except the rich and famous ones who even admit they are pot smokers of course).  At the same time, peak liberalism means peak big government.  So if you add these together it should at some point lead to defunding of drug related police work.

And so today we read that this is exactly what has happened.  The Drug Control Office funding has been slashed by an incredible 95% - a reduction of $350 million - in one fell swoop.  The reason given in some accounts I have read was that the office being targeted was redundant with other similar efforts but I will note that during the liberal rise such facts did not matter.  The war which was ostensibly being fought for the good of the people, was not going to be won until every single "drug criminal" (AKA pot smoker) was brought to "justice".  All it ever did was create a big fat bloated government parasite.

Again I say, fuck the cops.  This police state control does nothing positive for the human race.  People that don't smoke pot will not start just because a few federal drug control jobs are gone and people that do smoke pot will not increase their usage due to the move.  So having that agency was a complete waste of time and money and only served to brand a few pot smokers as criminals.

Most of the police and most of police work are a joke.  We can get rid of 70% of them without any big change to the way things work.  As more and more people come to that conclusion we can only expect to see less and less people willing to pay lifetime pensions for these parasites.

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