Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Google-Youtube cuts funding to advertizer-unfriendly content

Advertisers recently began turning up the pressure on Google to not place their ads next to content that was less than upbeat and wild eyed happy about the way things are going.  Some of this was warranted but now we see Google overcompensating and the result is that ad revenues for many non-mainstream tubers is falling despite having the same number of views.  The youtube sites that do not meet the Google criteria get the lower end ad placements and thus lower revenues flowing to the content creators thereof.  It's not just "haters" which are being affected apparently.  So called "fringe" content is affected as well.  For example, warning people about the dangers of fake money and the coming global economic collapse that must eventually transpire does not give one a top spot in the ad revenue game.  Good thing I never accepted ad revenue for this site.  Thus I cannot be controlled or negatively affected by what other people think.

This is not a matter of Google purposely picking winners and losers in a nefarious way.  Their customers have been inconvenienced or financially impacted in some way by feedback from the herd, the majority of which does not want to consider anything but extreme optimism.  Those complaining about this should have considered that their ability to broadcast their message was an opportunity afforded by the very system they are warning about.  It is only common sense that when the collapse comes, those who are dependent on all of this ad-supported infrastructure for their income will be hit very hard.

At the top bubbly level, many people now actually believe they can "speak things into existence".  You know, just like the word of G-d was used in the creation of light.  There is clearly a herd level liberal high still in effect as consumer confidence is at all time highs despite the fact that the typical recessionary fundamentals are building rapidly.  This high is based on imagined perpetual prosperity which is the signal that is given off by debt based existence.

If you think all time high confidence levels are a good thing just remember that this confidence is based on the ability to consume someone else's productive output now (a phenomenon commonly referred to as taking on debt) by borrowing money at low rates.  When the rates go back up, the ability to borrow more to fund one's daily consumption will collapse and those living on borrowed wealth will realize that what they really borrowed was time.  Unfortunately, instead of preparing themselves, they just continued living like the party was never going to end.  The debt based prosperity masked the essential negative feedback signals that the herd should have been receiving. The previous time we hit record consumer confidence numbers, the collapse was not far off, the market peaked a scant 2 months later and then collapsed 50% 4 years later.

So who will these people be who will be so badly affected?  Essentially anyone who counts on recurring work-free revenue from government.  Anyone on food stamps or any other kind of assistance is going to feel the heat.  It is those people who are so confident right now, not the real middle class workers.  The freeloaders get what seems like an endless flow of free living from big government - who wouldn't be confident about that?  It will thus be this same group of people who will cry foul the loudest when it all goes away.  Each month that these people rely on government is one less month that could have been used to prepare.  So this notion of benevolent government sounds good until economic conditions make it no longer possible at which those duped by the notion of free perpetual lunch will be in a very bad way.

Let's say you noted the poor geese having to fly south many hundreds of miles each winter and decided that, since you are government and have the ability to remain employed yourself simply by spending other people's money (generally as wastefully as possible) that you would do something about this so called crisis (AKA "nature").  After all, it is thousands of miles for those geese to fly.  Wouldn't it be much kinder / "humane" to build a great big heated lake and then truck food in for the geese each day?  Wouldn't their lives be made better by benevolent government actions?  And oh how the geese would love it!.  So you go ahead and do this and then maintain it each year using borrowed funds.  And each year the geese flock to your massive watering/feeding lake in their millions.  The geese think you are a hero!!

But doing this work doesn't generate any economic return and so at some point the cost of borrowing more money is too high, threatening your own solvency.  You thus apologize to the geese and explain that taking care of them is just too costly so you will have to shut the whole thing down.  Unfortunately, the geese have been doing this for so long now that they have forgotten how to fly south and their bodies have softened up so much by the lack of annual exercise that they simply cannot do it.  And so they all sit there and freeze/starve to death once the government turns off the lake heat and stops trucking in food. 

I wish this were just a fairy tale but unfortunately it is damned close to human reality.

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