Sunday, May 28, 2017

This is what happens when the people are disarmed.

Filipino strongman dictator asshole Duterte is now on record giving his foot solders carte blanch to do whatever they want to in enforcing his so called war on drugs.  Why can't people just look at this gutter piece of shit and recognize that he's simply Pol Pot 2.0?  There is no war on drugs happening in the Philippines.  There is only a war on opposition to his dictatorship. 

He says he wants what's best for his people while kicking in random doors, busting faces against rifle butts and executing anyone he wants to without a trial simply on the accusation that they are involved with drug trade.  And don't tell me that his mention of raping women for the cause was a joke because having been in the military I can tell you that when the commander in chief speaks it is not taken as a joke, ever.  It is taken at face value.  The troops are not well paid and Duterte is telling them he will look the other way if the troops decide to take war spoils from the people.  Period.

This can only happen when a nation has been disarmed.  If the Filipino people haven't had enough of this bastard yet they soon will because he is clearly out of money to pay his bullies and thugs.  So he has now told them to go get paid in whatever fashion they want to and that he will take all the blame for whatever atrocity they commit AS LONG AS THEY FIGHT.

This is why nobody will ever disarm me for any reason short of the explicit revocation of the 2nd amendment using full legal and uncontested due process.  Nothing else will matter.  I don't care if they pass any other kind of edict, order, state or local law or whatever.  A declaration of martial law for any reason for any time period is a declaration of war against me personally.  But if they legally change the constitution then the USA that I know and love is over and I'll go live the rest of my life elsewhere.  With that said I think there will be a civil war before that happens.

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