Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sears [SHLD] update

When everyone else was freaking out about daily losses on Sears stock, I might have been the only person in the civilized world who was calling it a trading opportunity.  Sounds like a big claim but one of the reasons for maintaining a free/legacy blog long after I have gone pro with a subscription site is to provide occasional proof to skeptics who think that because they cannot see it that nobody else can either.

In that post I clearly explained the mechanics of how the bounce could likely happen but also the reason why I thought the timing was good for it.  The Elliott wave count was flashing the buy signal and the expected model was given below.

Keep in mind now, I called this a trade, not an investment.  Only a fool thinks long term holding of stocks is a good idea.  It works until you get "Lehman'ed", "Bear Stearns'ed", etc.  All stocks will eventually return to the point of worthlessness from which they initially sprang so timing is in fact everything.

I even provided a clear profit potential for the trade.  I worte, "if my model plays out then we should see a quick 3 bagger on these shares off the bottom.".  With the benefit of hindsight we can now see that the bottom was at ~$5.50 with the subsequent peak of about $14.35.  Not quite a 3 bagger but clearly in line with the model prediction.

Inquiring minds might want to know what to likely expect next.  And yes, I do have a model for what will likely happen next that is being made available to my paid subscribers.  There is s a ton of money to be made on the current volatility of stocks but this same volatility is confusing to everyone in the markets EXCEPT Elliotticians. The model is not an animal and so it doesn't feel fear or greed.  So if you can push back from the daily news and augment your investment decision making with something that actually has well established rules then your odds of success are bound to go up.

The cost of this Elliott wave based market timing service is a paltry $39.95 per month as a recurring subscription or you can go month at a time for $54.95 if you prefer.  Of course. Even with the recurring service you can stop your next payment at any time using your PayPal interface.  You don't have to contact me and beg me to do it for you as is the case with other recurring services today.  They want your credit card info and many of them make it difficult to opt out.  But since I only accept PayPal, there is zero chance of that happening because you have full control of your monthly expenditures via your personal PayPal page.

Try my paid service and see what only 1 person in 10,000 is seeing which is a whole different way of looking at investing.  I'd like to say it was new but really Elliott waves were discovered nearly 100 years ago.  It's just that it takes a bit of experience to master and so few have invested the time in acquiring that experience.

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