Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Alistair Darling: The biggest threat is complancency.

I just love articles like this one citing worries over the UK economy which repeat their brainwashing tag line over and over again until the reader finds himself saying it to others at dinner parties.  In this case, Alistair Darling is quoted several times as saying, that things are better today than in 2007 because banks are better capitalized and regulators are less complacent.  But, he warns, "the next crisis was likely to come from "somewhere unexpected and from causes that haven't yet been identified". "The biggest danger is complacency.".

So the lesson we are all supposed to walk away from this puff piece is that yeah they almost let the financial ponzi collapse 10 years ago but not to worry, they all learned our lessons and those people are much smarter today.  And by gads, they are alert and not complacent.  Thus we can run the debt Ponzi forever and nothing can ever go wrong IFF we JUST DON'T GET COMPLACENT.  Yes, all it takes is the right strategy, the right plan, the right action, the right execution and to not get complacent and they can run this con game indefinitely, or so they would have us believe.

See?  It's easy!  The banksters know that times are tenuous but you needn't worry your little head about it because they are out there diligently worrying for you.  Heck they hardly sleep at night they are so worried about your well-being.  They are doing G-d's work after all.  And besides the banks are all recapitalized and everything is sooooo good. 

The only problem is that all of this has been done with debt and nobody's talking about that because it is always assumed that infinite debt can be assumed by big name sovereigns.  I say simply: don't believe it.  They are running a debt Ponzi and every Ponzi peaks and then collapses and no it won't be different this time.  Anyone who listens to government people about anything for any reason has already lost my respect and my attention.  They are all a bunch of a$$hole liars.

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