Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Who will end up paying for the collapse of the Global Debt Ponzi?

If I've written it once I've written it 10 times or more in these pages: the ones to pay the bill will be those with the ability to pay.  IF that sounds like you and if you have your wealth stored in THEIR fake money system, prepare for a name change to Mark or Patsy because they are coming for you.  They will say they are doing it for your good but it will really be for their good.  They will be doing it to stay in power by trying to take from the haves and redistribute to the have nots.

Sound crazy?  Look no further than the so called Head Tax in Seattle.  The liberals up there are calling on their fellow liberals to pay a special fee to support the homeless.  And so the corporations, which look like the only one with the ability to pay in the room, are being targeted under force of law.  Of course they don't like it and are pushing back but promises have been made to the entitled masses and someone has to pay.  Those homeless people are not voteless and so government is going to take money from the big successful corporations who actually add value to society and redistribute it to those who do not.

In similar news, Trump is trying to invok the "national security" card on cheap imported cars.  Somehow it is a security threat to the nation to be able to buy low cost imports.  If we all pay more for our cars our security will obviously be much higher.  What a load of shit!  But its easy to see who Trump is trying to have pay for this bailout of US auto workers and that is the consumers.  I say that if we cannot make great cars as cheaply has the Asians then let them make cars!  We can go off and do other things that are more value added like better medical tech, etc.

If the economy is so good and unemployment is really so low then intelligent people will have to ponder why these things are being said and done right now.

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