Monday, May 28, 2018

USS Arizona memorial closed for Memorial day.

I served in the US Air Force for 5 1/2 years.  That's 4 years initial signing and then a 1.5 year extension in order to transfer back from Guam to the US and re-establish US residency before returning to civilian life.  I joined back in 1978 right out of high school because the economy was in the dumps and my single mother was not rich.  So there was no paid for college party waiting for me.  It was time to go do something on my own and so I did it.

When I joined the military, Vietnam had ended just 2 years prior.  So I did not join to fight nor did I join out of some misplaced brainwashed sense of fake patriotism.  It was a volunteer force and I needed a job and I needed to learn some life skills.  The military back then was a pretty good option for these goals for a young person.  Despite the fact that the pay was jokishly low (base pay for an Airman Basic was $420 per month...), I considered it a fair enough deal because it included room and board I had no real work skills at the time.  Additionally, military basic training was a good wake up call for someone who grew up without the oversight of a father.  It made me understand the power of discipline or perhaps the weakness of not having it.

At that time, military was not very popular because Vietnam was not a popular war.  Nor should it have been.  This was not national defense.  It was empire building.  It was war profiteering.  A lot of good young men got turned into hamburger for it and many more had to deal with the mental scarring for life.  So when I got on a plane, nobody clapped for me in the waiting area of the airport and nobody came up to me asking to shake my hand while thanking me for my service.  Nor should they have because I was not a hero and neither was anyone else in the service.  It was a job that we agreed to do in exchange for compensation.  Period.  It was not a very good job but I was not a very skilled person and so it was a fair exchange. 

How things since then have changed.  As the elite profiteering increased on the back of debt fueled US military expansion within our government, our corporations and the world, the con men running this shit show used the usual emotional tactics in order to hide, obfuscate or justify their corruption.  Fools around the country were convinced by these false patriot profiteers to "honor our troops", etc. etc.   What they really meant was to deify the military in general and place it on a false worship pedestal in order to keep the ridiculous funding coming.  The chart below defines the word "ridiculous".  Why do we need to keep this massive spend going?  Who is paying for it and what are we really getting?  What are we not getting if money is being pissed away down the military rat hole?