Thursday, May 10, 2018

This 30 second video could save your life...

This recent video shows how a man with a gun approached another man who was parked at a gas pump.  It looked like a typical car jacking was about to happen but the guy getting gas had both situational awareness (i.e. knew what was going on around him) and an effective means of self defense (i.e. a gun).  The good guy won, the bad guy died.  That is how it is supposed to be.  The gun grabbers did not report on this obviously.  I'm still rolling my eyes at how the school administrators in PA gave teachers baseball bats to defend themselves with.  Had the guy at the pumps pulled out a baseball bat to defend himself they could have later used the wood from that bat to make the cross for his grave.

Don't be a victim folks.  Can't you see how everyone is angry at everyone right now for no good reason?  What do you think is going to happen when the government must eventually cut back on free benefits for those who have gotten so used to structuring their very existence around the presence of these vote-buying gifts?  Do you think they are just going to lay back and die of starvation and exposure once they are evicted from their section 8 housing?  Now is the time to start thinking about how you can protect yourself and your family.  We ain't seen bad yet but the ground is rumbling because hooves are on the move now.  Buy a gun and ammo.  Get proficient and stay proficient in its operation.  Carry it with you when and where you can.  Don't be a victim.

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