Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Trump secures release of 3 Americans held captive by N. Korea.

Many are still saying that N. Korea is lying about disarming its nukes, etc. but I don't think so.  It has, after all, agreed to allow US compliance inspectors into its country to ensure that all the programs are shut down.  And yes, US intelligence certainly knows where all the nuclear skeletons are buried there.  So this whole anti-Trump "Lucy will pull away the football at the last second in order to embarrass and discredit trump" narrative that is now being offered to people who cannot believe that Trump could do anything right is now growing stale.  That's because if N. Korea were playing a game then they would not give up the 3 American prisoners that they are holding.  But today we read that the prisoners were not only let out of jail, but they have left the country as well.  No matter what happens next, Trump is up in points in this chess match with Baby Kim.  Trump took a knight and his opponent got bupkis AFAIKT.

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