Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Trump shocks liberal media with nuclear option

I'll say it again for the benefit of the cheap seats: I personally do not like Trump.  I didn't like his apprentice show and I don't like to watch him doing the same thing in the office of the president.  Also, I am sure he has screwed whatever woman threw herself at him and perhaps even some that did not.  But if I am in a battle I don't want the nice guy, I want the results guy and Trump is achieving the results that he promised his constituency.   Maybe you don't like all of those promises but those were the promises that got him elected and so he should be measured against them (and little else IMO).  Those who cannot internalize this concept need to wake up.  Trump won.  Time to move on.

Despite many good things that Trump has been doing like getting Americans released from N. Korean prison, de-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula, ending the long standing cold war between N and S Korea, getting us out of treaties that served globalization (so that we could all labor under a foreign lord with a local police force) and many other things, the media print little except negative stuff about him.  Because of this, Trump just floated his ability to invoke the nuclear press option: taking away the credentials of the white house press staff from the various fake news agencies.

Now, these liberal media outlets have gotten used to controlling presidents with what they write.  The pen is more powerful than the sword, blah blah blah.  But that only works when polite society is running the show.  If you say "fuck" at the black tie event opera you will be ushered out.  If you say it at the truck docks it will be considered normal conversation.  In that setting, if you don't say it enough, you might even be mistaken for gay.  The liberal media still acts like liberal people are in charge.  But since everyone is turning more conservative the liberal media doesn't have nearly as much power as it used to.  90% negative "news" has resulted in notable improvement in approval ratings even in liberal Florida.  So clearly there is negative divergence there and the herd is always right in these matters.

The WH press corps probably thought that no president could survive cutting them off; their entitlement to special access would remain no matter how badly they abused and pissed on it.  But Trump is right in this matter: if they are not going to be fair and balanced then why should he deal with them?  Are these people really entitled to special audience simply because other presidents have done it that way?  I say they are not.  Trump could kick all of their worthless asses out and then use, for example, weekly written "status of the union" reports discussing in bullet form the things he is working on, the successes and failures and roadblocks, etc.  You know, just like my direct reports would give me when I was a high tech development manager.  It was concise and it was very efficient with my time.  Why does the president's progress have to be a story told with flowery language by a bunch of self important hypocrites?  Let them go report whatever they want on their own for that is their right but it is not Trump's job to stand up there and be their public punching bag.  THAT'S PACK-BULLYING.  They are doing to Trump exactly what they say grade school kids should not do to each other. 

The press corps has now seen the 16 inch shell fired out of the main battery on Battleship Trump and it splashed loudly in front of their dinghy.  They know he is not bluffing; they have seen what he will do if determined to do it.  And so now while they are whining and licking their wounds they must consider that which all liberals fear: their actions might come back to haunt them personally.  Liberals are not used to being held personally accountable.  They are used to having The Organization take the hit for them.  But I ask you, what happens to these people if Trump simply revokes their White House access credentials?  DOOP! They will be on the street the next day looking for a new job.  And make no mistake, that makes it personal.  Since liberals have no real convictions they are always the first to tuck tail and run when they become aware that they personally are in the gun sights.

Because of this I predict that the press corps will rapidly soften its tone regarding Trump.  Not because their convictions have changed any (because they never had any to begin with) but simply in order to save their own worthless assess from the unemployment line.

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