Monday, May 14, 2018

This is the kind of shark jumping that marks tops.

Financial media does an interview with someone we never heard of but they act like he's someone we should listen to with their sit down interview.  That person goes on to make sweeping bullish predictions about having to stay in the markets because they will obviously double every 10-12 years.

This is pure idiocy.  He doesn't say where all that free wealth will come from, simply that it will materialize.  This guy is just herding with the herd.  I guess he never studied other stock markets around the world like Japan.  Did it double every 10-12 year?  Why not?  Are Americans so "exceptional" that our markets will behave differently?

Truth is, all stock markets are pyramid schemes.  They do not generate any value.  The price appreciation is all due to speculation unless dividends are being paid and dividends as a percentage of market cap are minuscule now.  They will pay you 2-3% for holding their risky paper for a YEAR when 10% of the value of your shares could evaporate in a DAY.

These markets are overvalued and volatility is back.  This whole "stocks are safe in the long term" line is just Wall St. sales bullshit.  The stock market is gambling, not saving.  It is not a long term store of value.  It is a boom/bust machine just like any other pyramid scheme.  Sounds crazy until it happens so laugh if you want.

By the way, my Elliott wave models call for a market peak today with stocks beginning to sell off tomorrow.  My subscribers know exactly what to look for in the charts.  Everyone else is just making unsubstantiated gut feel calls.  My model could turn out to be wrong.  They are wrong about 30% of the time.  But we know with a few pennies that the model has become invalidated.  No other market timing mechanism can do this. 

If you want a free trial, email me at from a google gmail account (they are easier to invite to the google blogger platform that my subscriber account is based on).  I don't need any financial commitment or card numbers, etc. for this first ever free trial offer.  But you at least need to provide your real name (verification process will be explained when you sign up) so that I don't get the usual cheap ass turds trying to use 5 different emails for free service.  1 free trial per verified person.

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