Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The coward of Broward cashes in on the backs of the working class

It used to be that public "servants" would quietly rip us off and nobody seemed to care.  But now, with the new conservative wave upon us, the herd is suddenly looking around at what is going on and the herd is not happy.  And when the herd becomes unhappy, changes will be made because the herd always gets what it stands up and demands.

In this case, Newsmax reports that the Coward of Broward, Scot Peterson, is now collecting a very shiny pension of well over 8 grand a month for having retired before he was fired from the Broward County Sheriff Dept.  Yes, Scot Peterson now receives $8700 from the people of Florida for the rest of his life for sitting on his fat, useless, coward ass after letting all those kids perish without engaging in battle as he was being paid to do.  I think there is a fair chance that public outcry is going to claw this pension back somehow.  It is going to be interesting to watch.

But think about it.  Most of us do not make $8700 a month for working full time, and some of us can't make that for working two jobs.  But Scot Peterson sold out to the big brother police state and now he gets that much money forever.  And he's only 55 years old!  What do you think we are going to get when we retire?  I think the answer is "fucked".

So now you know.  Peterson is not the only "hero" police and fire and other public employee that is cashing in on the rest of us.  This is slavery.  We have all been enslaved and these people are our masters as long as this pension bullshit is allowed to continue.  I don't get a pension, you don't get a pension so why should they get pensions that WE have to pay for?  It's a corrupt rip off!  All of these plans need to be done away with and public workers can have 401k savings plans like the rest of us NOT GUARANTEED retirements.  ALL of these retirement plans need to be defaulted on immediately.  It is outrageous that these people get paid more in retirement than 90% of the working class gets paid during our working years.

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