Saturday, July 22, 2017

The uglier side of the return to conservatism.

I recently commented on the death by cop that occurred recently in Minneapolis (or should we we name it to Minnea-police state?).   In any case it only took a few days for the back lash of this international incident involving an Ozzie woman.  But in this case someone at the top demanded that some real heads roll instead of just the cops that did the killing because the police chief has now been forced to resign.

Why this happened I cannot easily discern except for the fact that a government big enough to give her life and death power over the rest of us is big enough to kill her career as well.  I mean, if the cops don't use their body cams when they are supposed to, how can the chief do anything about it?  Did the chief not institute the body cam policy in the first place?  How this action warranted her getting canned is not obvious until you read the whole article.  There in the middle we find the likely answer: she's gay.

2 years ago she would never even have been called on the carpet but given the conservative wave rolling across the world, all her liberal backing evaporated and those above her used this opportunity to pander to the newly revealed conservative constituency.  If a man were the police chief then all the focus for punishment would have been on the killer cops.  But with a woman minority who is also gay in the picture, what better excuse than this is there to turn her out hard into the streets in a public way?  You can bet that her replacement will be a choice that aligns with conservative thinking.

Now don't get me wrong.  I don't support the ex-chief because I don't know anything about her.  But if we didn't just witness a career execution of a public official for the entertainment of / pandering to the new masters of this country then I don't know what it was.

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