Monday, July 24, 2017

German auto makers exposed as an illegal monopolistic conspiracy.

Well, you know I said it many times and now it's all happening.  In the end days of the global debt Ponzi we would see the return of investigative reporting.  Killing journalists to silence them will no longer work.  And what will they investigate and uncover?  Of course, conspiracies within the military industrial complex.

Before I go on with this story, do you see how the EU makes a big show of approving or disapproving of mergers?  If you pay them the right money, you get your merger.  Otherwise, you are an evil monopolist and they will stop you for "the good of their constituencies".  We have seen antitrust action so many times by the EU against companies like Microsoft, etc. that we know that in the public eye the government is supposed to care about antitrust activities, including collusion and conspiring to avoid antitrust regulations.

With this in mind, Mish reports that five of the big German auto companies admit to illegal cartel.  What has effectively happened here is that Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Porsche have merged and are now acting as a single R+D entity even to the point of having numerous scheduled technical working groups to which they are invited and nobody else.  Mish quotes Eurointelligence which says, "Coming on top of the diesel emissions scandal, the reputation of the German car industry has been reduced to that of a criminal organization."

Well, well.  We have a conspiracy within big business that is essentially a criminal enterprise. Of course, I am not surprised and in fact I would have been surprised if this (and many, many other things that are much worse in terms of moral violations) had not been the case.  Why?  Do you really need to ask why after so many times of me writing it here??  It's because the foundation of our society and our economy -that which makes the world go round- in other words, our "money", is FAKE.  All of it.  Globally.  It's all fake paper and computer entries.  The corruption of the money supply corrupted everything: our governments, our businesses, our morals.  Everything.  Mammon Money is the root of all evil because only debt based money has the ability to multiply wealth far beyond one's actual labor. 

Only Mammon money allows for a CEO of a major corporation to make 500x of his top technical producers.  Only Mammon Money can turn the whole world upside so that white is black, good is bad, profligate debt based spending is good whereas thrift and saving are "a paradox".  Career criminal Hillary is good, Ron Paul is a stupid dodering old man, queerness and atheism or satanism are normal and to be applauded and hetro G_d worshiping folks are crazy.

Don't you see??  It's all upside down.  Governments and police are the masters and the people are the slaves.  It is all interrelated and it was this interrelationship that allowed me to predict so many years ago what is unfolding around us right now.  This is just the beginning.  As the money dries up it will heat up here in the US with tons of infighting and at some point actual punches will be thrown on the US congressional floor thus proving that Americans are exceptional, really, at nothing.  We are just people like everyone else but we have had a better agent for some time now.  We have had the slickest dicks in the room running this shit show.  But now even that is falling apart.  The Trump administration has a revolving door on people working there.

This is all going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

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