Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ladies pro golf heads react to increasingly conservative audience.

Contrary to popular belief, pro sport is not about the players; it's about the fans.  Sports pros that have been lauded as royalty by society tend to forget that.  In fact its not even about the fans but rather their money.  What fans like and don't like is only important to the degree that it affects how they spend.   Pro sports are an emotional discretionary spend.  Do I need a shirt with the logo of a sports team emblazoned on it?  Just ask the poor masses in Venezuela if they give a shit whose logo adorns their shabby rags.

Because of this discretionary nature of sports revenue, pro sports tend to be more in touch with what their supporters think than other industries.  Thus we should be seeing any new societal trends show up in reactions by the organizers of these sports.

And so check out the new recent new dress code mandate for ladies pro golf:

"The LPGA’s new dress code no longer allows:
‌• Plunging necklines
‌• Skirts, skorts or shorts that do not sufficiently cover a player’s “bottom area”
‌• Racerbacks without a mock or regular collar
‌• Joggers
‌• Leggings, unless they are worn under a skort or shorts"

Why was this done? Why now?  Why subject themselves to complaints and push back from primadonna players who want to show the world what they got under the covers?  The answer is simple:money.  The organizers who do the dirty work of checking the pulse of viewers have determined that there is some kind of shift in the audience such that more conservative women's dress is going to maximize profits.  It just don't get no simpler than that.  The conservatives are coming and its going to change everything and not all of it will be for the better.

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