Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A kind response from Nigel Farage

Back in May of this year I observed in these pages that, instead of accepting that the UK owes the EU money for future socialistic promises that have been made, the EU should actually have to pay the UK for the invested capital they are walking away from.  Either that or the EU should be forced to admit that it is not a profitable enterprise but rather a deep money pit.  Since I had not seen this argument floated I decided to email it to Mr. Farage, requesting to see any resulting video where he would make the argument.

Well I should have known that Mr. Farage was too smart to leave this tidbit on the table.  Just a day or two after I emailed him, I got a kind note from Mr. Jack Duffin who is Chair of the UKIP youth group pointing me to a video link posted in early April of Mr. Farage mentioning this exact concept on the floor of EU parliment.  While he doesn't go into great depth on the idea, you can see him mention it in this short Youtube (the link is time indexed to the reference).

As usual, the entire video is not only worth watching to see how one man can in fact stand up against a whole herd of mindless, soul-less parasitic bureaucrats but also because Nigel Farage is just more entertaining to watch in action than most everything on broadcast TV or cable.

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