Friday, July 28, 2017

Dems bring a socialist knife to a constitutional gun fight

Washington D.C. is a liberal, socialist open wound on the United States of America.  As such it has been a test bed for a wide range of socialist programs before trying to spring their idea of progress upon the rest of us.  One of the biggest battles fought on the D.C. grounds has been over the 2nd amendment.  The D.C. con men tried to steal from the few conservatives who live there their right to bear a weapon on their person outside the home by passing a law stating that someone has to have a good reason for wanting a concealed carry permit. I guess the simple fact that D.C. is a dangerous place isn't obvious enough.  The law allowed law enforcement to arbitrarily determine who was and who was not protected by the 2nd ammendment.

Of course, that crap was going to come under fire with the resurgence of the new conservative wave and so it was taken to federal appeals court where the con men lost a majority decision.  The courts essentially ruled that the D.C. "for cause" rule was unconstitutional.  The article states, "D.C. Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith wrote the majority opinion for the court and was joined in his opinion by Judge Stephen F. Williams. In his opinion Griffith explains that throughout Western legal history the right to “keep and bear arms,” afforded law abiding citizens the right to own firearms for the protection of their home (the keep part) and to carry those firearms out into public to serve as protection outside the home (the bear part). Griffith stressed that carrying a gun in public is indeed a “core” aspect of what the 2nd Amendment stands for and therefore Washington, D.C.’s “for cause” regulation was unconstitutional because the citizens don’t need to provide the city with a “cause” in order to carry.".

Well it doesn't get much clearer than that.  The D.C. for cause rule is now legally considered an unenforceable  infringement on the constitutional rights of Americans.  That means that ALL of these same "for cause" rules that current exist across the nation are also unconstitutional.

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