Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Foolish woman dies for trusting the police.

A Minneapolis woman was recently murdered by police for the crime of having called them to her home to check out noise in the alley.  The article states, "Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door, sources said. No weapon was found at the scene.".

So she was in her PJs talking to the driver when the passenger pulled his gun and blew her away.  The murderous cop's body cams all happened to be turned off (what bullshit!).  And the car's dash cam "did not capture the incident"??  WTF does that mean?  Those cameras have microphones as well as video.  Where's the audio?

The radio transcript contained:
Dispatch: “Squad 530 to 5024 Washburn Avenue South. Female screaming behind the building.”

Officer on scene: “530, uh, shots fired. Can we get EMS Code 3 Washburn and 51st Street? We got one down.”

No timestamps were given but it could be that she was already upset (having been "screaming behind the building" and then she unloaded on the useless cops when they arrived so they unloaded on her.  That's just wild speculation but something is very wrong about all of this.  No video.  No audio.  The lady was talking to the driver yet the passenger not only shot her, but through the car door.  What was that bozo doing with his gun in his hand in the passenger seat?

Well  now the cops are on vacation per department policy and the department will find that they acted in best practices of the department, etc.  

What else can I say here?  This would be comical if not so tragic.  When will people ever learn that cops with guns are dangerous a-holes and that only a fool calls on them for any reason whatsoever.  The fiance is wanting to know answers and get some justice.  I wish him luck.  But if I were him I would give the department the chance to put them up on manslaughter or murder charges and if they failed to do that then I'd be forced to collect up on the debt for my loved one by other means.

Never call 911.  Leaving the phone on its hook could save your life.

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