Friday, July 14, 2017

Mr. "Muddle Through" says financial crisis before the end of 2018.

Back when John Mauldin was saying that fears of an eventual crisis were overblown and that we would instead "Muddle Through", I was writing him letters telling him why this view was wrong and mocking his muddle through ideas.  Why?  Because I know a Ponzi scheme when I see it and I have to laugh at anyone who cannot see it.  Same for 9/11.  Those who cannot see controlled demolition when it slaps them in the face in the form of WTC7 falling down suddenly into a pile of dust without ever having been hit by a plan also deserve awards for being laughably gullible and unobservant.

In any case, fast forward to today and we see that Mauldin is saying that a systemic collapse will happen by the end of this year and if not then certainly before the end of 2018.  Gee John, nice job catching up on this one.  Good thing people pay you so much money to hear your views!  The whole system is a con game, I have known that for many years.  But at least you did catch up finally so good for you.  But you had to wait until it was safe to do so, didn't you?  You had to wait until many other big names out there had already begun saying hyper negative things (Schiff, Rickards, Dr. Doom, and even Greenspan now) before you would begin to move.  That's because you are herding with the crowd, playing it safe.

You can go ahead and listen to the people who are just waking up or you can listen to those of us who knew what was going on for many years.  If you want to know my views on the exact timing for the collapse based on my Elliott wave analysis then you will have to subscribe like all the other folks who have done so.  In any case, collapse will not occur because of the so called fundamentals but rather because of a loss of confidence in the con game.  There hasn't been any fundamental reason for this economy to work since the gold was all removed from it.  It's been a faith based economy ever since.  That's the reason it can collapse so quickly - it's not hard to lose faith once the masses begin to turn against it.  Elliott waves are the only way anyone is ever going to see it coming.

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