Sunday, July 29, 2018

Why do only cops have the automatic right to real time self protection?

The government makes it as difficult as possible for law abiding citizens to carry guns at all times in order to protect themselves.  Conversely, all cops carry their guns at all times.  And if an off duty cop is involved in a shooting there is rarely any questioning the validity or logic of it.  They are simply allowed to protect themselves and their property, no questions asked.

Here is a recent video with a perfect example of what I am talking about.  Two hoodlums walk up to a nice BMW.  They see an occupant inside but they don't care because they assume he is a disarmed citizen.  They also don't expect to see a lowly public servant like a cop driving around in such an expensive luxury vehicle.  They mean to carjack this vehicle at gunpoint.

But as you can see in the vid, the driver is a cop and he is armed.  So instead of being kidnapped and possible dumped dead in a ditch as two ass bites steal his car, the hoodlums come under gunfire of someone who has been equipped and enabled to defend his life and his property.

We can debate later as to how the cop has come into the possession of such a pricey car but it was only through his ability to carry a weapon that he was able to keep said car and his life.  Even the best cops cannot be where they need to be when they need to be there.  That is why we cannot be so stupid as to blindly outsource responsibility for the protection of ourselves and our loved ones to paid strangers who may or may not be interested in putting themselves in harm's way in order to help us.

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