Monday, July 30, 2018

[DDD] systems update

I recently posted this on my subscriber's blog.  Enjoy.

Monday, July 30, 2018

[DDD] update

The backlink model is below.

Current actual is below.  Laughably, the media, who always has to make up some bullshit reason for stocks moving even though they never are able to predict it in advance, is saying that the reason for the drop is Trump admin opening up 3D printing of guns.  No, really.  The opening of new markets and reduction of regulations is cause to run away from shares as quickly as possible.  What a great example of how the "news" should simply be ignored. Had the shares gone up instead, the same news would have been used to justify that move.

The shares dropped because a corrective pattern had topped, no more, no less.  It was predicted in advance by the Elliott wave principle.  That is simple fact.

The big picture is below.  The DDT at overhead resistance has not been kind to the shares.  But 3D printing is a real technology with real products.  It's not some bullshit social media food selfie crap.  As part of the change back toward conservatism, people are going to gravitate away from wasting their time on social media and spend more time producing real things for consumption.  3D printing is going to play a big role in that. The hype simply got ahead of the reality.  But 3D printing is almost what I would consider a mature tech now and is becoming a commodity where vastly lower prices will aid adoption by a lot more people.

I count the recent peak as a 4th wave.  That suggests that the current wave down is the final wave of this collapse.  A breakout of the upper rail will be a clear buy signal for one of the industry leaders in a technology that has only just begun to have its impacts on our society and economy.

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