Friday, July 20, 2018

California's large magazine grab with retroactive criminality hits major speed bump.

California continues to try to disarm good people while having zero control over disarming bad people.  It's a complete joke.  If I were a California resident intent on doing bad things and I decided to use a gun instead of a bomb, a knife, a car, a truck, arson or the many other ways that crazy people decide to kill complete strangers then I would just get in my car, cross the border, load up the trunk with death gear and come back over.  Simple as that.  So all that these California laws are doing is attempting to chase away people who don't think like the bureaucrats do; it is not a credible crime prevention strategy.  That's just the obvious fact of it.

Last year, Cally tried to criminalize anyone who had bought a large mag lawfully by suddenly declaring them illegal and requiring people to dispose of them or turn them in.  But this over the top heavy handed dictatorial game has been thrown a gut punch by the federal appellate court as being a violation of the 2nd amendment as well as the so called "takings clause" of the 5th amendment.

Now here is how I see it.  When someone has a law book that is 3 feet thick they can justify or vilify whatever they want to and still claim to be within the rule of law.  When Japan made the sorry mistake of attacking the USA during WW2, nearly 130,000 American citizens of Japanese heritage were rounded up like common criminals and they were put into concentration camps with complete loss of all rights, all freedoms, all rule of law.  No compensation was made.  This action is commonly referred to as "Internment of Japanese Americans".  Do you see how they put Japanese first in that label?  The last time I looked, "Japanese" is a label of citizenship, not of race.  The people of Asian heritage who were "interned" were not "Japanese".  They were Americans who just happened to have parents who were Japanese citizens.  Or they were once Japanese citizens who had become naturalized American citizens, supposedly with full rights of citizenship. 

How many Americans have German or Italian heritage?  Why were the "German Americans" and "Italian Americans" whose ancestry was also from countries that were our WW2 enemies not also "interned" alongside the Americans of Asian heritage?  The Americans of Japanese heritage were targeted because it served as a way to vent American anger (mob appeasement) at the actual citizens of Japan since Japan was the primary attacker at Pearl Harbor.  In addition, Asians look physically different from western races and so it was easy to target them.  Also, their numbers were pretty small relative to the population of the US and thus there was going to be little to no resistance in taking that action.  Bottom line, the mob wanted blood and so the politicians looked through their rule books of fake "law" and trumped up a legal way to imprison 130k people who had done no wrong and who in fact are among the more productive members of society.  So much for rule of law; the whole notion that such a thing exists is a fucking lie.

If those 130k people had a culture of gun ownership and proficiency with firearms then I doubt the government would have tried to do what it did.  Government and mobs (including police) are cowards.  They pick on those who they think cannot defend themselves.  A heavily armed Japanese population living in a small area would have been too much of a credible threat to be attacked.  Might makes right.  Always has, always will with our species.  I'm not advocating for this, I just know what's true and what's not true when I see it.

So you see, the government does what the people want it to do (mob rule, not rule of law) and then they thinly paper their actions over as just and "lawful".  In the recent appeals court decision, it was ruled that Cally could not criminalize people retroactively for keeping their large mags. Instead of just stating it to be a violation of the 2nd Amendment (which Cally clearly doesn't give a shit about) they also justified the ruling by dragging in the takings clause.  If you read the link I provided, the takings clause is not about taking personal property but rather taking real estate under the claim of eminent domain.  Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy movie will recognize the poke taken at eminent domain laws by the character Rocket Racoon.  My point is that the takings clause is a very weak argument for the ruling but it is yet another road block for legal fucks in Cally to have to leap over during their next assault on the good, law abiding gun owners of that state.  The appeals court was simply playing conservative politics.  They are looking forward and they see the tide changing and they want to keep their jobs.  They don't give a shit about justice.

These are the actual rules of the game.  Forget the fake rules that they try to impose upon us; recognize that all of those rules are liberal "do as I say and not as I do" bullshit.  If you are strong enough to fend off those who, in the words of Rocket Racoon, want your stuff more than you do, then you will not be a victim.  If you aren't strong enough then you will learn the hard way what I am talking about when the Global Debt Ponzi eventually collapses.

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Augustine said...

Americans of German heritage were intended too, only not during wwii, but during WWI. It's a great American tradition to sacrifice escape goats to appease the mob.

Keep calm and carry.

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