Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Forget all the fake witch hunt investigations, this one is real.

The GOP and dems are trading political barbs, jabs and roadblocks these days.  Most of it is pithy hearsay fake news unbacked by anything tangible.  But the actions of the FBI and DOJ in colluding with the democratic party are now well documented.  If you want the clear, unemotional and no bullshit version, don't watch the news, watch this GOP run down of the history and the abuses. This clear presentation in unemotional, plain and clear terms and was presented in a proper and formal  venue and format (as opposed to shock jock interviews).  It is going to resonate with the conservative majority AS WELL AS moderate liberals who recognize truth when they see it and who are not consumed by party politics. 

This is likely the beginning of the collapse of the Clinton dynasty IMO.  This is something that I have been looking for as a major sign of the end times of the Global Debt Ponzi.  I have laid out my reasons in the past and now I am just watching all of the indicators go into the red zone.  This is NOT politics as usual.  Big names are going under the bus for these abuses.  Big connected people will go to jail.  I know it sounds ridiculous to say this given that the corrupt political elite seem to have been made of teflon for the past 60 years.  But the people have now awakened and we are finally demanding real change, not fake liberal promises and double talk.

Bush 2 (a flaming liberal on many fronts despite GOP affiliation) should also be choosing a non-extradition country to flee to because when people learn of his involvement in 9-11 they will be very, very angry to say the least.

The fall of the criminal enterprise known as big government is playing out in real time.  Soon enough we will see rats fleeing the sinking ship and we will see people ratting each other out in order to save themselves from the jail time that they so richly deserve for their treasonous acts against hard working Americans.

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