Thursday, July 26, 2018

Fat Jewish: the era of influencers is at an end.

Peak liberalism is definitely upon us as the smarter, more aware in the herd (those who do what they do for the money and not out of some misguided emotional reasons) are moving away from the social media as their income source and back toward the conservative notion of working for a living.

Today's evidence point comes in the form of a clear and straight forward admission of this fact by a social media leader who goes by the irreverent name of "Fat Jewish", probably because he's a fat guy of Jewish heritage.  Fat's real name is Josh and Josh says, "The end of the influencer age, he says, is nigh. The future lies in making real things for real people.". 

Yes folks, there you have it.  Someone who has done well riding the liberal trend of social media is now telling us that the herd is burned out on selfies of our fucking food, being an influencer (AKA thought leader in our own minds) and "reaction counts".  Is it any wonder that Facebook stumbled ever so slightly from its growth projections and the market quickly amputated 20% of its fake market cap OVERNIGHT? 

What's left, the end of social justice warriors?

You might not think this mood shift will affect you but it will.  We all live in the herd.  It is like an ocean and the mood of the herd is its tide.  The tide is moving conservative and it will take us all with it, like it or not.

The stock market is a liberal notion of something for nothing.  You put money in and you do no additional work and you get an over unity return.  Something for nothing.  Sounds fantastic to liberals who want something for nothing livings.  But it's a Ponzi scheme and when the herd finally hits conservative critical mass we are all going to see the herd turn in unison away from Wall St.

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