Friday, July 27, 2018

Less skin

Conservatism is taking over slowly but certainly.  Even professional sports cheerleaders are getting into the act.  Let's face it: sex will always sell.  But the presentation of it can vary from nearly naked dancers to fully dressed classy women.  I'd say "and men" but then I'd have to say "and" to all of the freaky pronouns listed in this "resource center".

In any case, a woman that is fully dressed in tasteful clothing can be just as entertaining to watch dancing around between plays as those that are nearly naked.  In fact, too much skin can cheapen the allure over time, especially when the women dressing like that are doing it for everyone in order to earn money.  If that sounds kind of like a prostitute, don't blame me.  I just call it like I see it.

The herd is turning back conservative and soon enough the liberal financial attitude that underpins housing and stock market bubbles will go into full on collapse.  When we are at the other end of the scale, which should be as far right as the current pendulum swing was to the left, don't say nobody ever bothered to give you the secret decoder ring.

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