Monday, September 18, 2017

Idiot liberals still trying to blame the Ruskies for their collapse from power.

Facebook is under attack by its desperate counterparts in congress over $100,000 worth of ads supposed taken out by the Ruskies in order to bring Hillary down.  Do these bozos know how ridiculous they sound with all of this grand standing?  Let's consider the facts:

1)  It's not illegal or even immoral for anyone to take out ads about anything, ever.  Buying an ad is not the same as paying Hillary money for state department access.  If the Ruskies want to drop cash onto American businesses in order to broadcast a specific message to people, let them. 

2) Congress acts like people cannot think for themselves and that any little word whispered can make a person robotically perform an act that they would otherwise not do.  And while it is true that liberals are more susceptible to this, conservatives did not stand up against Hillary because of something the Russians did or did not do. 

3) The silliness of all this makes me suspect more than anything that Facebook decided not to fund the dems very well for the mid terms and so this is what Democtatic Moron Adam Schiff dreamed up to get back at them; the shot across their bow that says "pay up or we will make up a big deal against you".

4) The sum of $100,000 dollars is basically walking around money for presidential campaigns.  That kind of money doesn't buy much attention in elections where $10 billion are being spent on a routine basis.  When I read that $100,000 statement it reminded me of Dr. Evil asking for one milllllllllion dollars in ransom from the world.

5) Excuses will not matter at this point because, as I wrote long before the election even got started, "Hillary will not win despite record spend and those doing the spending will be weakened financially and politically.  It will hurt them so badly that they will think twice before trying it again because I suspect they will go "all in" on Queen Hillary.".  Hillary and the dems have underestimated just how badly their loss has collapsed their financial support base.  The big money will want to fund the winning side and dems have to regroup and reform with a new, more truthy message before they will stand a chance of winning again.

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