Saturday, September 16, 2017

Anthony Weiner says his sexting habit is a "deep sickness".

Like all liberals who get caught, Anthony Weiner is now saddened by finally being called onto the carpet for his amoral lifestyle.  Of course his sadness has little to do with being sorry about the deeds and more to do with having got caught. There is about a 100% chance that if he were simply let go that he would go out and do it again because of the thrill he gets from it.  No lessons have been learned by him.  Still, he puts on the sad act in a bid for leniency saying his sexting was a deep sickness.

Sorry, Weiner.  Sexting is only a symptom of your real sickness which is unbridled liberalism.  You got caught up in that direction which you sensed the herd was heading and, mingling in with the herd, you believed that you could do whatever you wanted to do. 

In fact a close examination of liberalism will begin to look a heck of a lot like the 5 stages of drunkeness and then the subsequent sobering up:

 Getting drunker:
  1. I'm clever
  2. I'm attractive (in Weiner's case that also meant "to children")
  3. I'm rich
  4. I'm invincible
  5. I'm invisible
Sobering up:
  1. I'm stupid
  2. I'm ugly
  3. I'm poor
  4. I'm fragile
  5. I'm conspicuous  (hello Anthony, this is where you are right now!).

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