Thursday, September 28, 2017

The sheeple are waking up.

Today we see that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has been made to apologize for abusing public resources by chartering expensive jets for for his junkets around the world.  He's also being made to repay $52 k which is his portion of the airfare associated with what was likely a flying party.

This is what big government does.  It sees all these supposedly limitless resources and they represent a temptation to live the good life as if the supposedly public servant position is some kind of royal appointment.  The fact that he is being made to repay $52k only tells me that the actual cost was far higher.  The fact that he can afford to pay $52k like it was nothing makes me wonder how someone who is supposedly a public servant can afford that kind of thing.  It would not surprise me to find that his trips were used to make money for himself personally and he sees the $52k of getting caught money as part of the cost of doing business.

We the people are supposed to be impressed at his willingness to pay this reimbursement for his party habit.  The establishment is used to dealing with people who are impressed by those kinds of numbers.  But I'm here to tell you that while these numbers are not impressive and they are not nearly indicative of the waste, fraud and abuse that goes on daily in big government, being called out like this sends a signal to the thousands of other corrupt pieces of shit that "work" useless government jobs, get massively overpaid for racking up huge expenses, and then demand a lifetime government pension that NO working man will ever see.

I think the whole notion of government pension is corrupt.  Nobody else gets it and government jobs are supposed to be a special form of service, not a way to get a leg up on everyone else.  I hereby boldly predict based on my socionomic models associated with the swing back toward conservatism that within 5 years - far quicker than anyone currently can imagine - new government employees will not get a pension.  Instead they will get a 401k like the rest of working class America.

The days where being a government employee meant you had it better than anyone else have peaked and within 10 years people will look at government jobs like they were asking them to pick cotton or mine coal.  In other words, the cushy government job will be replaced with the old fashioned shit job which is what government was always supposed to be.  Only losers will work for government in the future because the money will return to employees in the private sector.

Let me be the first to say this, and I know many people will not believe it until it hits them in the face, but big brother just got diagnosed with terminal cancer and won't be around much longer.  Yeah, yeah, I know, very unlikely to happen.  Impossible even.  And nobody could ever predict it in advance.  I know, I know, been told it a million times before not the least of which was when I said Hillary would lose...

The mood of the herd is turning conservative and big changes will result.  Peak liberalism has come and gone.  All the fighting and loud noise from the declining liberal sector should be considered as a bulb burning brightest just before it blinks out.

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