Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Incredible reaction by liberal left gets CBS exec an unpaid vacation.

Today's example of both leftist hypocrisy and the establishment's rapidly diminishing support for it comes in the face of the firing of a CBS vice president of business affairs for  broad based remarks about those killed in the recent Vegas shootings.  According to her, all Republicans are evil and people who like country music are usually "repugs" ergo those who were killed don't warrant any consideration because they were probably evil republicans. You can read the story for yourself and the details of it really aren't important.  I can hardly even believe that someone at the executive level of a large corporation is so out of touch with reality.  What happened to the supposed tolerance of the left?  Its very clear now that such tolerance was only given to those who were already leftists.  At least to some degree, the radical liberal left is just as blinded by their hate as are radical members of the far right.

Both of course are blithering idiots.  But it is clear that such behavior has been overlooked in the past.  Those days are clearly over, just like the career of that idiot woman who said those things about the Vegas dead.  Her boss did not cover for her.  He did not have her recant and submit a public apology for her off the cuff remarks.  He simply shit canned her and then told the world she was shit canned.  That sends the message that regardless of your political beliefs you have to remain civil.

I also think that it sends the message that Facebook is dangerous.  Stuff you might say behind closed doors to your herd-friends might not always be suitable for public consumption but when you put it on Facebook you open yourself up for widespread reposting of your statements.  There is no way to walk those back easily since they are in writing next to a picture of your face.  If you are a person with tendency to fly off at the mouth and you have something to lose, better quit Facebook!

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