Sunday, June 16, 2013

Charles Nenner on the stock market and on metals

I first saw Nenner on CNBC back in 2008 and to be honest I wrote him off as a crank.  The reason for this was that he would make predictions without explaining any reason for it except "cycles".  He would talk in very vague terms and give no information that could be used for back testing his system.  To be blunt, the way he described it sounded a bit like Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism and numerology.  This is in sharp contrast to something like Elliott waves the theory behind and "rules" of which are clearly documented all over the web.

Despite my skepticism, I have watched him over the past few years and I have to admit that his calls have been pretty good.  Also, he is right up front saying he doesn't know why the system works, just that it seems to be built into the fabric of things somehow.  The more I hear him speak, the more he seems to be describing herding movements.  One of his recent calls was regarding a bottoming in crude oil.  You can watch the video here.  That happened on April 18th of 2013.  So how'd he do?  You be the judge:

While a move from $31 to $34 is not definitive proof of the start of a bull market, he did call the very day of the low.  Also, the chart has broken through the top resistance line and that should speak volumes.   I would guess by looking at this chart that oil will move up in a rapid 3rd of 3rd wave movement soon.

In any case I have been calling for stocks to go down while gold and silver go up and that is what his company is now saying.  In fact, I just recently made a "possible if not likely that the bottom is in" call on silver and today I see that his company is saying "bottom in gold very soon".  Here is a head honcho from Nenner's company discussing commodities and gold and the stock market.
If he is right, gold will surprise everyone to the upside because everyone has been trained into thinking it is a commodity like copper when in fact it is a fear safe haven.  He thinks the stock market will plummet and so do I.

Side note: because of the above video where Nenner says natural gas will peak and then re-test lows again, I will dump my Ballard Power shares ASAP since that was supposed to be a nat gas play.  Since I'm up more than 100% from my buy price already I won't be too disappointed if I don't catch the whole run.  But Nenner's view is that nat gas will test the bottom again and that means a double bottom could occur.  If so, I'll be back into Ballard or some other nat gas play.

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