Friday, July 9, 2021

When the beer company tells everyone to get vaxed...

There is an old story in which grand daddy Kennedy was walking about in New York.  He stopped to get a shoe shine and while he was sitting the shine boy started giving him hot stock tips.  As the story goes, when Kennedy heard this he went and dumped all his stocks.  His logic was simple stocks are a zero sum game.  For every winner there has to be a loser.  If even the shine boy is interested in stocks, too damned many people are in on the game and so the wise guy quietly exits with his cash before the Ponzi collapses.  I call this the Asian ferry syndrome in light of past events where all the passengers on an Asian ferry went to one side of the boat to look at something, thus causing the boat to capsize.

As corporations get into the "vax in order to participate" game, I sense the same thing happening.  In this most recent news item, Heineken beer has decided that it will be smart marketing to jump on the pro vax band wagon.  Never mind that the inventor of mRNA says the current vax are not behaving as they should and that the spike protein concentrations in bone marrow and ovaries will probably lead to health issues down the road.  Never mind that the French winner of the Nobel prize in medicine for discovery of HIV says he will not get vaxed because the evidence he has seen suggests that the vax could cause cancer and other autoimmune disorders in the coming years (i.e. long term heath effects).

Heineken doesn't know jack shit about the potential for massive harm that the vax exposes people to.  It's just herding with the herd.  They should have had a bar full of lemmings in their commercial instead of a bar full of sheeple. 

Anyone who gets herded into taking the vax because of peer pretty much deserves whatever happens to them IMO.  I can't have too much sympathy for people whose cowardice, gullibility and inability to think independently get them into hot water.

Economists now admit debt based consumption is a Ponzi scheme

As if it hasn't been obvious to everyone who understands economics, Bloomberg reports that the self serving economist Larry Kotlikoff and others have released "new" papers saying that debt based consumption is "like" a Ponzi scheme. 

Folks, debt based consumption isn't "like" a Ponzi, it is the very definition of one.  And it doesn't take some learned economist to understand this.  In fact I was one of the very first to ever have used the term "Global Debt Ponzi" and probably the only one to have highlighted the fact that it has the same acronym as "Gross Domestic Product" - GDP.  I called out many times that what is counted in GDP is actually not mostly production but in fact mostly consumption.  So it is clear that those running this Ponzi for their master know exactly what it is.  Some people always get rich in any Ponzi.  These are the ones who exit before the collapse.  Anyone buying gold and silver right now will exit the Ponzi with something tangible.  The property market is going exponential because others prefer that mechanism for storing their wealth outside of the system.  But real estate has a lot of risks including the fact that it could be destroyed or confiscated in a civil war.  Gold and silver are mobile and they are fungible and they are liquid internationally.

A day of reckoning is coming folks.  It doesn't take some Ivy League economist to see that.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Another major win for conservatives, SCOTUS says AZ anti ballot harvesting laws are not unconstitiional.

I've been making no bones about the fact that the left is now in their final battle.  They have pulled out all the stops on stupid and crazy.  They know that they cheated in 2020 and now the conservative counter punch is in flight.  One of the obvious ways they cheated is through so called ballot harvesting.  We know that the dems paid low level traitors to take ballots to nursing homes and then coach, cajole, and harass old people into voting dem.  The old people are like biden. They can hardly think.  So when some fast talking leftist rolls in and pushes them to vote a certain way, the old folks do it just so they can be left alone again.

One small problem with this: it's illegal.  It is in in fact fraud.  And when many people do the same thing for money they call it conspiracy to commit fraud.  When it crosses state lines, and it did, add a whole 'nother level of criminality to it.

And that is why the dems made a last ditch effort to get a hail mary verdict from SCOTUS which would rule the AZ ban unconstitutional.  There are two reasons why this is important to the left.  First, they already did it in mass numbers and so it would be nice if all the co-conspirators didn't have to go to jail.  And secondly, what about future elections?  How can the dems POSSIBLY win without cheating?  They know they can't.  And that's why you see liberal traitors bemoaning the "kick in the gut" that they received by the SCOTUS ruling.

The dems are hurting from this ruling because they know they need ballot harvesting to win and now that it has been tested in SCOTUS, they know they are done with this practice.  Everyone will be watching now, and nobody can say they didn't think that state governments had the right to ban it.  Why?  Because SCOTUS just said they can ban it.  And that means all the existing ballot harvesting laws remain in full effect for when the charges begin to be handed down to many hundreds if not thousands of lying liberal cheaters nation wide.  In TX first they arrested Rachel Rodriguez.  And just a few days ago they arrested one Monica Mendez.  Yes that's right, another liberal fool accepted a few dollars to cheat on the elections.  Government needs to squeeze these traitors and make them roll over on whoever paid them because liberals, like all criminals, don't do anything without a money motive.  

"The Texas Secretary of State referred the case to the AG’s office for criminal investigation after receiving reports from residents of possible illegal voting activities ahead of the election, including about 275 new voters who registered using the same mailing address—a P.O. box associated with a local nonprofit housing provider ALMS.

Tenants said ALMS threatened to raise their rent if they didn’t vote for their landlord’s preferred water board candidates. ALMS wanted to oust the incumbents because they said the water district overcharged for services at their rental properties.

In 2016, Texas Rangers investigated similar allegations that ALMS coerced tenants to vote for certain candidates.

Authorities haven’t said which candidate or candidates may have benefited from Mendez’ alleged ballot harvesting."

It's blatant fraud voting and it's ALWAYS the liberal dems who are doing it.  So they really don't have to say who paid for it, just follow the money trail back to the liberal cheater.  It won't be difficult to do.  Tell Monica she's going away for life unless she rolls over.  She'll roll over.

Anyone who ever said "there is absolutely no evidence of vote fraud" should hang their heads in shame for either being complicit and thinking it was OK to cheat OR being a gullible ass hat who thinks they are a lot smarter than the evidence suggests.

Treasonous Donald Rumsfeld is dead: final justice.

Donald Rumsfeld was a traitor, part of the Bush-Cheney deep state apparatus which oversaw the false flag operation which did nothing more than skyrocket defense budget and justify in the minds of stupid Americans the need for a never ending middle east war.

From this paper I took the following verbatim:

"The day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for an eye-watering $2.3 trillion of missing funds. The only section of the Pentagon to be hit on 9/11 contained the accounting offices, where the accountants were killed, making that money impossible to trace. As intelligence analyst Robert David Steele puts it, “On 11 September, whatever hit the Pentagon reputedly destroyed all the computers containing all the data needed to investigate the missing 2.3 trillion dollars” (2010: 369, n. 23). There needs to be a full investigation into this missing money, especially in view of recent research indicating that an estimated $21 trillion cannot be accounted for in the financial records of the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development between 1998 and 2016 (Skidmore and Fitts, 2019)." 

Here is tricky Don the day before the 9-11 attacks on TV saying that the missing trillions of public money was "a matter of life and death".   The timing between this huge announcement and the massive distraction of 9-11 can be overlooked if you are a gullible moron but not if you have even as little as one normally functioning brain cell.

If I'm ever in the vicinity of Rumsfeld's grave I'll be sure to spit on it.  Co-conspirator Dick Cheney preceded Rummy on his way to Hell.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Uh-oh. Toyota does not cave to liberal pressure.

Toyota is not a bastion of conservatism.  It's just like any other business.  And many businesses have been foolishly equating loud liberal noise and flash with substance.  Toyota is apparently not so easily fooled.  When attacked for donating to politicians who voted against election certification they did not cave.  

There are two ways to read this. 

1) Toyota is just very conservative and doesn't mind if their sales are negatively impacted by them doing things that the left doesn't like.

2) Toyota sees the conservative counterpunch coming and recognizes that all of the "gaynes" that the left have made are in things that are a flash in the pan without much long term substance.  In fact it's completely clear to me that their emotional rants have worked against them.

If I look at Texas I see a state that has begged lawmakers for constitutional carry for 15 years.  I see a state where Greg Abbott herded with the RINOs and sheeple in his covid lockdown.  But these actions so disgusted his conservative base that they/we could no longer take it and when he went to CPAC he got the bad news that nobody was going to vote for him for president.  Zero.  Nada y nadie.

Right after that he changed big time.  He started manning up.  And instead of just coughing up constitutional carry, he decriminalized silencers as well.  Talk about with a cherry on top!  I do not think he would have done any of these things if the liberals hadn't tricked him into herding with them during the covid lockdowns.  But he did and now permitless concealed and open carry is the law of the land. 

Thank you, libtards, for wiping your own long term agenda out.  Thank you very much! 

California bans official state travel to Fl and others for lack of homo cheerleading.

New York Post reports that cally has done more homopandering by banning its state employees from official travel to FL and other non-homocentric states which now include Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas. 

Of course this is really just noise because state travel was never any kind of economic needle mover in any of the states mentioned, but if it makes the deranged leaders of cally feel better then I can see some benefit from it.  All of these pronouncements are just more evidence of how weak the liberal movement has become.  This is last gasp stuff.  It's self deprecating behavior that you expect to see when they have nothing left in the tank.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Something very strange is happening.

You've seen it from me a million times. If I think something is defective, I often refer to it as "gay".  It's a California thing from when I was a kid (believe it or not). In fact I was having lunch with another guy in high tech out in Sunnyvale and I mentioned some feature about a car (he's a car nut) and he shocked me by saying "that's gay".  I almost fell out of my chair laughing and he didn't know why.  I guess some habits die hard.

And that brings me to the recent commercials by the NFL which start off with "football is gay".  I have never seen or heard anyone use "that is gay" as a compliment.  And while I don't care for football, my co-worker does and I can only think what went through his mind when he first saw that commercial.  These people are somehow under the impression that everyone is liberal woke and so let's go full libtard marketing on them.

All I can say is "big mistake".  The people who watch football put up with gay shit even though they don't like it.  And they damned sure don't like having it crammed down their throats. I predict that interest in US football is about to take a big ass decline, perhaps which it will never recover from because if that is going to be their mentality then football is gay and not in a good way.

It all makes me wonder what is happening here.  Are leftists now in charge of the opinion polls and thus free to cheat on them like they did in the elections?  We all know that businesses use these polls for making advertising spend decisions.  I would love to know what compelled the NFL PR and marketing team to select this insanely stupid ad campaign.n  It is absolutely the stupidest choice they could ever have made.

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